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Industrial / Commercial & Domestic

Hereford Rewinds always strives to provide a first class service to all sectors.  We understand the commercial pressures on industry in this ever increasingly competitive world.  To that end everything we do has our customers’ interest at the heart of our decision making process.

Managing domestic customers’ expectations can be different to those of commercial enterprises.  Hereford Rewinds has provided services to domestic customers from its beginnings and we are proud of the close relationships fostered over the years.  We are very approachable and happy to give advice and assistance wherever it’s needed.

Motor Repairs

AC & DC, water cooled, pancake motors, flame proof

There is a myriad of different types of electric motors and different sizes from motors the size of an egg to motors the size of cars.  Motors from 10s of watts to motors of 500kW or more can be repaired at Hereford Rewinds Ltd.  Hereford Rewinds can repair your motor whether AC or DC up to the crane lifting capacity of 5000kgs.  All aspects of electric motor repair can be carried out at Hereford Rewinds whether it is a complete motor rewind to a motor service including brush, bearing, and journal repair or simply testing a motor for you.

Pump Repairs

Submersible, multi stage, end suction, split case, borehole, lobe, diaphragm, etc.

Just as with motors there are many different types of pumps to move liquids and solids.  Hereford Rewinds have been repairing pumps for as many years as they have been repairing motors.  Our engineers understand the importance of returning pumps to their original condition.  To that end wherever possible Hereford Rewind Ltd dynamically tests all pumps repaired by us.  Understanding the importance of volute and impeller clearances within the pump gives a better repair.  Before the repair takes place we always advise our customers on the best course of action for the repair to reassure you that your pump is in good hands.

Gearbox Repairs

inline, worm, helical, variable speed, etc.

No matter what size the gearbox is, cleanliness on reassembly is critical for a long lasting repair.  Hereford Rewinds also understands the importance of fits within the gearbox ensuring the bearings and gears have the best possible chance to run as intended by the original manufacturer.  If the gearbox is old and parts are no longer available Hereford Rewinds has fantastic support from subcontractors who can just about replicate every type of gear.

Workshop services

Electrical and mechanical repairs, balancing, refurbishments, machining, small scale fabrications, testing

In order to carry out professional repairs to all types of rotating machinery Hereford Rewinds has the equipment and engineering skills to do this.  The toolbox starts with the team.  Hereford Rewinds is extremely fortunate to have a highly skilled and dedicated work force who regularly go far beyond what many expect.  However, in order for the engineers to do the best they can, they need all the right equipment - machining, fabricating, balancing (portable and fixed) and sophisticated electrical testing equipment and last but not least a team of dedicated support staff.  Hereford Rewinds will get the job done because we have a great team and the necessary tools at our disposal.