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Hereford Rewinds can offer balancing, either at your premises or at our workshop in Hereford.  Our workshop Schenck equipment can balance items to a maximum diameter of 1.5m and 2.0m long with a maximum mass of 200kgs.  We can balance to ISO G-2.5 or better should you require this level of balance.  Balancing a rotor alone won’t solve some issues if what is attached to the rotor is out of balance or the system is out of alignment; in this instance vibration analysis can often help to isolate where the problem stems from.  Our onsite equipment can carry out the vibration analysis.  With our SKF onsite equipment there are no size restrictions.

Onsite and in-house fan balancing

Onsite balancing can be the only way to balance that difficult to get to item.  It may be that associated equipment around the item to balance needs checking too or you do not want to disturb the assembly by dismantling the equipment.  In either case onsite balancing maybe the preferred option for you.  With the SKF equipment Hereford Rewinds can carry out vibration analysis before any further work is carried out, to make sure that it is definitely balancing which your equipment is in need of and that the root cause is not from another reason for example looseness, misalignment or bearing failure.

Our Schenck static balancing machine is a quick and accurate balancing machine which can perform both static and dynamic balancing.  We can balance items up to 1.5m in diameter, 2.0m long, and 200kg.  Typical items we balance are as follows:-

·          Fans (all shapes)
·          Impellers
·          Rotors
·          Armatures
·          Pulleys
·          Mixing Heads
·          Fly Wheels

If we can fit your item to our machine we’ll balance it.  The importance of ensuring your rotating machinery is balanced are many:-

·          Longer bearing life
·          Longer machine life
·          Quieter operating conditions
·          Less vibration
·          Improved quality of work
·          Few breakages
·          Less down time
·          Money saving